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William M. Woody wins 1st place with his Log Cabin Design

This cabin is a stacked 6x12 log on log featuring two bedrooms, a large centered fireplace in the great room, an upstairs open loft, heavy timber beams, and heavy timber rafters. Finished with hand hewing, this rustic cabin will nestle in nicely in the Great Smoky Mountains, and look as if it has been there for over a century. Adorned with rounded cedar tree posts on the porches, this home will have wonderful mountain views from those porches, and be a relaxing place to sit and watch the sunset. This home is replacing one destroyed in the Cobbly Nob area, just outside of Gatlinburg, TN burned by the wildfire's that ravaged the town late in 2016, transforming the landscape forever. The production and manufacture of this home has already begun as the rebuilding continues for one more of these home owners. Logs where modeled in Cadwork. Chief Architect X9 was used to complete the plans, add textures, and finish the model. Lumion 7 was used for the final rendering.

William M. Woody won 1st place in the Chief Architect Residential Design Contest. William uses his vast experience in the Residential Design Business as well as his skills with Chief Architect Software to create exceptional plans and renderings for his clients.

William M. Woody, 1st Place winner of the October 2017 Chief Architect Residential Design Contest

“I began working here at Hearthstone Log and Timber Frame Homes, back in 1999 and after working for eighteen years in the residential design business, gaining valuable experience, producing countless sets of blueprints, nothing excites me more than seeing a finished product. I love visiting job sites or seeing photos of projects that I helped complete. It’s so fulfilling to see that thing that you created brought to life. It’s not often I get the chance, however, because we are busy designing and shipping projects literally all over the world.

“Yet, using Chief Architect gives me the chance to see the projects as they are being designed, working out the details and then creating a nice rendering to give me the opportunity to actually see the house before it’s ever built. That’s something so rewarding and valuable, not only to me as the designer but to our clients as well, affording them the opportunity to actually get a sense of their home before it’s ever built. All too often I meet clients who just have a hard time seeing through the black and white lines on the paper and visualizing what they are getting. Actually being able to show them the physical space gives them a real-world understanding of what they are getting.

“I began using Chief Architect back with version 6, but I really didn’t dive into the deep end of the Chief pool until version X2. I have been using it ever since. Now it has become the go-to tool for conceptualizing our projects quickly in order to give clients a clear understanding of what they are getting. There’s nothing like seeing the look on their face when they get that first glimpse.

“Moving forward here at Hearthstone, Inc. is all about getting better at what we do, and we have a lot of new and exciting things going on. Right now we have settled into a brand new facility and are in the early development stages of getting a new estimating system together, in order to help us more quickly and accurately price our projects. We hope that we can incorporate Chief’s Materials List to help us with that goal. Also, Hearthstone, Inc was two full decades ahead of our time in using Cad/Cam technology in the manufacture of our homes, we recently sprang forward again with an exciting new Antiquing technology to give our brand new timbers the look, and feel of a two-century-old aged piece of wood. Brand new material, that looks reclaimed. Adding these new textures to my Chief Architect Materials library has been very exciting, and getting our customer’s pumped up about what we can do for them.”


Winning Design

William also won 1st place in April’s Residential Design Contest! We want to thank him for his commitment to Chief Architect and for sharing his design process with us and our Social Media followers.

Connect With William

Project Designer
Hearthstone, Inc.
120 Willis Rd.
Newport, Tn. 37821
(800) 247-4442

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Ciara Cuddihy-Hernandez won 2nd with her complete home remodel in Portland, Oregon

This remodel is for a home in Portland, Oregon. Our client actually grew up in this home and wants to do a complete remodel. We are adding an addition to the front on the house to gain extra space for a larger master bedroom with en suite master bath. We are also opening up the main floor completely to have an open plan kitchen and living space. Finally, we are changing the roof style from flat to a shed roof with vaulted ceilings in the living/kitchen area to add a greater sense of space and utilize the natural light as these rooms are south facing.

Ciara won 2nd in the Chief Architect Remodel-Addition Design Contest! Originally from Ireland, she is now the project designer for John Webb Construction & Design in Eugene, Oregon.


“I am originally from Ireland and moved to Eugene, Oregon 5 year ago. I started designing in school and attended the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland where I received a Bachelor of Design specializing in glass.  I started interior design about a year ago and have been working for John Webb Construction and Design June of 2017.

“I have been using Chief Architect for 3 months. Our company decided to start using Chief Architect because of the great features it has.” Continue reading…

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Robin Rigby Fisher – Featured NKBA Study Guide Designer

By Adrean Stephenson


When you have been designing Kitchens and Baths for 32 years and teaching the process to others for 14 more, it is next to impossible to not know your stuff. Robin Rigby Fisher is no exception, and it shows in the Large Bath she submitted for 2017’s NKBA Design Competition.

“I teach part-time at Portland Community College, an NKBA Accredited College. One of the reasons I continue to teach is to make sure that I stay at the top of my game. I want my drawings to be as meticulous as possible because I expect that from my students.  I think they are synonyms. I’m at the top of my game because my students are at the top of theirs. They are highly desirable, highly regarded. They are easy to hire. That’s what I like about teaching.

Continue reading…

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Danielle Burger – Featured NKBA Study Guide Designer

By Adrean Stephenson


It felt a little like cheating when I opened up Danielle Burger’s winning Small Bath plan and began transitioning it for our NKBA Study Guide project.


Danielle has been using Chief Architect since 2015 and made beautiful work of her bath design using the software. I simply asked to start from the plan file and then made some edits that matched her drawings to the drafting style of the other designs in our project.

View NKBA Study Guide Small Bath in Chief Architect’s 360° Panorama Viewer.


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Lori Carroll – Featured NKBA Study Guide Designer

The little room that won 1st place for the Powder Room category in 2017’s NKBA Design Competition is big on character! Lori Carroll’s take leverages a vaulted ceiling and the use of light and texture to make this Powder Room a space to remember.


“For this client, luxury is a state of mind; something that goes beyond the ordinary amenities and accommodations.  Wanting their guests to experience something special, the design concept for this powder room didn’t have to be extravagant or opulent; just beautifully simple.  When visualizing aesthetics for this project, a softer, more natural look conveyed the feel the client hoped for. The combination of stone, metal and wood creates a unified design in this powder room.”

Continue reading…

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