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Design Contest – Remodel/Addition Design!

Accessible kitchen design.

Chief Architect Design Contests are a fun way to share your designs, build credibility and expose your brand.  Share one of your Remodeling or Addition Designs for a chance to win Chief Gear. Use any Chief Architect or Home Designer software product to create your original design.


  1. Email a single image or a 360° image of your design to
  2. Include your name, company information, and the software you used.
  3. Describe your design and planning process for your submission including any background information about the project.


Entries will be posted in a photo album on Chief Architect’s Facebook page. Fans of Chief Architect will be asked to “Like” their favorite entry. The entry with the most “Likes” and other reactions will be declared the winner.



1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place



  • Use any Chief Architect or Home Designer software product to create your original design.
  • One submission/file per person (can be a single view, collage, or 360° image)
  • If you submit a 360° image, it must be exported as a JPG format. Also, please include a standard image for us to add to our ChiefBlog.
  • Chief Architect reserves the right to refuse any contest entry.
  • Purchasing “Likes” or “Shares” is not permitted.
  • A submitted design may not be entered more than once per year. Re-entry of winning designs are not permitted.
  • Entry Deadline is June 18, 2018


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Angela Barnes wins 1st place with her fusion of Modern and Traditional home design

Fusion of modern and traditional home design, blue siding with white trim, large front porch and gable roof lines.

By Kendra Dorosh

Angela Barnes wins 1st place in the Chief Architect Residential Design Contest. She and her husband Chris have been building custom homes together for over 20 years.

“I use Chief Architect every day and am always learning something new that improves my designs!!!” -Angela Barnes

“I am originally from Raleigh, NC but have lived In Hampstead, NC for 22 years with my husband and three sons. I graduated in 1992 from Meredith College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design. My husband and I have been building custom homes for over 20 years and just recently added the design element to our business, CLB Custom Homes, Inc., thanks to Chief Architect.

“Back in early, very early, 2000’s, I picked up a copy of Better Homes & Gardens Home Designer software mainly for personal use. The program was easy to learn and fun to use. In 2016, I started researching other CAD programs so we, as a company, could start designing our own homes. It was then that I found out that Chief Architect was the author of Better Homes & Gardens software. Needless to say, I was extremely excited and purchased Chief Architect Premier X7.  I learned how to use the program through the tutorials, training videos, and Knowledge Base. I am also grateful for the help I receive from the Chief Architect Technical Support and Customer Service. It has been a great fit for our company and our clients love that they can see what their house will look like. It’s an “Ah Ha” moment for them and gets them more engaged in the design process.”


Winning Design

More from Angela

Contact Angela

CLB Custom Homes, Inc.
(910) 367-0905

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Joslyn Brungardt and Caci Pommerehn win 1st place with their 1960’s ranch remodel

With a centralized atrium, this ranch home offers nearly 4000 square feet of main floor living.

By Kendra Dorosh

Joslyn Brungardt and Caci Pommerehn win 1st place in the Chief Architect Remodel/Addition Design Contest. Their individual talents complement each other in creating unique spaces, such as this beautiful remodel.

“Chief Architect has given us the ability to give our clients confidence in their project before construction has even begun.”- Caci Pommerehn (Left) and Joslyn Brungardt (Right)

Joslyn Brungardt and Caci Pommerehn are both designers with Define Design & Remodel in Hays, Kansas. Both have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. Joslyn has more than 28 years of experience remodeling homes and Caci has been designing with Chief Architect for over 3 years. Their combined talents and the technology of Chief Architect have given them a competitive edge in transforming homes in Central and Western Kansas.

Winning Design

For their winning design above, you can experience this interactive 360 rendering. Just select the image, it will then open through Facebook and you can click and drag to view the space. To learn more about making and sharing 360 images in Chief Architect, watch this video or read this article.

Connect with Joslyn & Caci:

Define Design & Remodel

2717 Canal Suite D
Hays, Kansas 67601



More from Joslyn & Caci:

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Alexandra DuBois places 2nd with her mid-century remodel

This kitchen remodel combines the kitchen, dining room, and family room to create one giant space for relaxing and entertaining. The home was built in the mid-century style, and the clients wanted to incorporate this into their new design.

By Kendra Dorosh

Alexandra DuBois places 2nd in the Chief Architect Remodel/Addition Design Contest. Her experience with color, tile patterns, and materials is evident in her custom design.

“I am originally from Des Moines, Iowa and moved to San Diego to attend design school ten years ago. I have been around design and remodeling my whole life with my family, my dad always being one to complete all of his own remodeling projects and having my sister and I help all along the way. I graduated from the Art Institute of California – San Diego with a Bachelor’s of Science in Interior Design.  My first few jobs in the industry were a color specialist at a paint store, furniture sales, and tile design before I settled at Lars Remodeling and Design.

“I first started using Chief Architect Software in 2016 when I joined the Lars team as a Concept Designer. I had never used Chief Architect software before but was familiar with a few other 3D modeling programs. I found Chief Architect extremely easy to learn and use. At Lars, we use Chief Architect to create 3D models of our clients’ projects to bring our designs to life for them to see. We make it as realistic as possible, by incorporating all new material and finish choices, as well as specific plumbing and appliance selections.

My favorite part about using Chief Architect is being able to create my own materials and symbols, to create specific tile patterns, flooring materials, and even the clients own artwork and furniture, to use in my models. I also really enjoy the challenge of trying to figure out a way to do something that is complicated or doesn’t exist in the program. I love creating models that accurately reflect our clients’ homes and lifestyles, and really feel that the personal connection to the models makes all the difference.”

Winning Design

We’d like to thank Alexandra for allowing us to be a part of her design process! If you would like to learn to make custom content like Alexandra, check out the below articles and videos.

Creating a New Material

Customizing a Library Material

Creating Custom Materials and Colors

Creating Custom Tile Materials

Connect with Alexandra




More from Alexandra

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Vianney Baltazar wins 1st with her kitchen design

This bachelor’s kitchen remodel consists of multiple points of interest throughout the space. Details such as the wine cabinet, coffee shelf bar, glass doors, and even island on casters truly make the design come to life. By opening up a few walls we transformed this small kitchen into a coastal dream.

By Kendra Dorosh

Vianney Baltazar wins 1st place in the Chief Architect Kitchen/Bath & Interior Design Contest. She has a skill for bringing her clients’ visions to life, as seen in this bachelor’s kitchen remodel.

“Personal touches make our design process incredibly moving for clients and create excitement for the next steps in their home remodel” – Vianney Baltazar

“A career in home design has been an obvious choice for me from my childhood. My parents immigrated from Mexico to the United States, and I grew up in the small border town of Calexico, California. Growing up, my father worked full-time while my mother and I planned our dream home. We would watch design shows together, completely fascinated by all the details contributing to the showcased design. Eventually, my parents purchased our own home, where all my sketches, boards, and space planning was put into use! As time passed, I realized first-hand how much I enjoyed the design process and the effect an interior space can have on a homeowner.

“I then moved to the closest city near me and graduated from the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) accredited Interior Design program at the Design Institute of San Diego. I have been working in the interior design industry for almost five years now, and as technology progressed, so did my yearning for knowledge of the best way to communicate a design. I’ve previously worked with other 3D building modeling programs, but by far, Chief Architect is the most user-friendly I have come across. Chief Architect has all the tools to help you succeed in creating the most personalized design. The program has challenged me to get as creative as possible when bringing a client’s vision to life.

Chief Architect has been the perfect fit for what our company stands for.

“I was introduced to Chief Architect when I started working at Lars Remodeling and Design. I am fairly new to the program, but the rendering that won the Kitchen/Bath Interior Design contest has been my favorite thus far! The client was amazed by all the details that were replicated from his current condo. At Lars, we find it’s important to show the client homes current character and charm, so I built in 3D his existing custom dining room table, art gallery, and even staged the home with his furniture while adding some creative ideas. These unexpected personal touches make our design process incredibly moving for clients and create excitement for the next steps in their home remodel. Our company is extremely committed to bringing our client’s vision to life; Chief Architect has been the perfect fit for what our company stands for. I look forward to the future challenges I will come across and pushing my creative abilities with Chief Architect software.”

Winning Design

Connect with Vianney:


(619) 225-5527



More from Vianney:

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