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Chief Architect Design of the Year Contest


Throughout the year, Chief Architect holds a monthly design contest for our customers to showcase their work. This year, we had over 140 renderings submitted for our Kitchen/Bath/Interiors, Residential, and Remodeling Design Contests.

These inspiring designs have been shared on the Chief Architect Facebook page and we are excited to combine the winning designs into our Design of the Year Contest. Discover more about the contestants through our Featured Contest Winner stories.



Each winner (1st, 2nd, & 3rd) of our monthly design contests have automatically been entered into the corresponding category (Kitchen/Bath & Interiors, Residential, & Remodel/Addition).


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Amanda Clutter places 3rd with her 1920’s Farmhouse Kitchen Design

This project was based on a home purchased by my husband and I. It’s a 1920’s farm house. The house needs completely remodeled and we are looking forward to getting started once our loan closes. One of the most important things I try to tell all my customers when they are planning a kitchen remodel is “What is important to you about this remodel? Who is going to be doing the majority of the cooking in the kitchen? Will it be one, two or multiple cooks? Will it be a place for socializing and guests to gather? What items do you currently have in your current kitchen and where will they go in the new one?” There are so many questions to ask so that we can make sure our customer’s new kitchen is truly a dream come true once it’s complete. In this remodel my husband and I hope to keep the classic farm house feel but give it a more updated, open plan.

By Kendra Dorosh

Amanda wins 3rd in the Chief Architect Kitchen/Bath & Interior Design Contest. Surrounded by design enthusiasts her entire life, Amanda was destined to find her own passion for interior design and 3D art.

“I am originally from Brownsburg, VA but I have lived in West Virginia since I was 6 years old.  I’ve been around design my entire life. I grew up with all the woman in my family sewing and knitting. My grandmother and aunt owned their own knitting shop and my mom has her own business making custom window treatments. After graduating high school, I moved to Fairmont, WV  to attend college at Fairmont State University. I stumbled at first (almost 2 years) not knowing what kind of career best fit me & my personality. Finally, I knew I needed to go back to my roots and do something creative! That’s when I decided to begin the Interior Design program at Fairmont State University. There I earned my Associate’s Degree in Interior Design and Skills Certificate in Computer Aided Drafting. After graduation, I moved back to Spencer, WV with my parents. Over the next year and a half, I worked at Mountaineer Timber Frames in Charleston, WV.  This is where I was first introduced to Chief Architect X4. It was an interesting transition going from AutoCAD to Chief Architect. I had someone who had been using Chief Architect for years come once a week for about an hour to show me the basics, then I was on my own. When the economy crashed I was laid off and decided to go back to school to complete my bachelor’s degree. I moved to Morgantown, WV and attended West Virginia University (LET’S GO, MOUNTAINEERS). I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Design Studies with a concentration in 3-Dimensional Art. Since graduation, I’ve worked for two construction companies, a plumbing, kitchen and bath store and Lowe’s. In my journey, I’ve used AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop, 20/20, Google Sketch-Up, Pro Kitchen and Chief Architect.

“When I came to Riffle Contracting, LLC in 2016, Jason asked me what program I thought was the best program for us to show not just kitchens & baths but entire houses and commercial buildings. We wanted to be able to do it all! In the 9 years (off and on) that I’ve been using Chief Architect, it was the only program that came to mind. In the construction business, Chief Architect definitely stands above the other design programs out there. I love the homebuilding process as a whole and with Chief Architect, we are able to show our customers what their project could look like before we even begin! Our customers love being able to see their projects in 3D, especially those that can’t visualize what it’s going to look like from just a floor plan.

“I married my husband, John, in June and we have 2 boys, Romeo (8-year-old Chihuahua) and Kubo (5-month-old Great Dane). We are in the process of buying our second home, a farm right across the street from where we live now. We will be spending a great amount of what little free time we have in redesigning the house, as it will need to be completely gutted and remodeled. We are looking forward to it!”

Winning Design

Connect with Amanda

Riffle Contracting, LLC

Morgantown, WV

(304) 241-4965


More from Amanda


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Karen Hamilton places 3rd with her Crafstman-Style Home Design

This home is to be constructed in Wisconsin. The client wanted a Craftsman-style residence with two masters, a home theater, wine room, two utility rooms, and a total of five bedrooms.

By Kendra Dorosh

Karen wins 3rd in the Chief Architect Residential Design Contest. From a young age, Karen has had a passion for design. Today, she uses her passion to create beautiful renderings for her clients.

“My father was a custom home builder in south Texas and I grew up walking through construction sites.  That instilled a desire in me to be able to create my own designs that I could watch go from concept to reality.   I began designing in 1978 under the tutelage of a fabulous designer from New York who was living in south Texas at the time.  Over the past 39 years, I have drawn hundreds of new homes, an office building or two, a couple of churches, and two restaurants.   One of my early jobs was with an architect specializing in historical restoration and I am very grateful to have had that experience.

“I currently live in Seabrook, Texas which is a suburb of Houston.  I am proud to say I have lived in Texas my entire life.   I have three sons and a grandson. My husband and I just celebrated our 37th anniversary.  In my spare time, I take tap dance lessons and paint watercolor portraits.

“I have been using Chief Architect software for over twenty years, starting in the late 1990’s.   The program I had purchased at that time was a home version and I became quite adept at using it.  In 1997, I was hired by an architectural firm who had just made the decision to have the entire company use Chief Architect.  Even as the new hire, I ended up training all the design staff on its use purely because I had already mastered the home version.   I have used other home design programs over the years but Chief offers the best options for me.  It’s not just a drafting/drawing program.  It is a DESIGN program and was created to facilitate not just putting walls and windows together but to create a cohesive, functional result.

“One of my favorite functions of Chief and/or Home Design Pro is the ability to calculate the square footage continuously.  That is so important for most projects and it establishes a parameter immediately.  I always say, “Yes, I can think outside of the box but I need a box to think outside of.”  Chief helps me establish that “box.”    One disadvantage of Chief?  When I occasionally let clients look over my shoulder as I revise their plans, they are so fascinated by the visuals, the camera shots, the ability to do a walk-through, that I can’t get them to leave my office sometimes!”


Winning Design

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2017 Remodeling Show and DeckExpo Recap

Chief Architect at the Remodeling Show, DeckExpo and JLC live 2017 in Nashville.

By Kendra Dorosh

Members of the Chief Architect Team visited Nashville for the combined Remodeling Show and DeckExpo. Chief Architect was an exhibitor alongside hundreds of other top manufacturer’s in the industry. We’ve recruited Scott Harris, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing to share a little bit about the show experience.

  1. Scott, what can you tell us about the Remodeling Show and DeckExpo?

We really enjoyed the location of the show this year, Nashville was great. However, the overall attendance on the show floor seemed low compared to previous years. The attendance just wasn’t as strong as it has been in Baltimore.

It used to be that tradeshows were the best place to get information on the latest technologies. That’s just not true in today’s world. You can find information on nearly anything online.

The show is great for people that want to learn about tools. You can physically see how the new laser saw works. This is one of the greatest benefits of the show, the ability to do a hands-on test drive.


  1. Did you get a feel for how the housing market is doing in this region?

The people I spoke with said housing is strong. The largest issue is the lack of availability of labor which is holding people back with projects. This could be one of the contributing factors to the diminishing attendance at the shows.

Most recently, there’s also the short-term impact of the major hurricanes in Florida and Texas. The devastation of the hurricanes has compounded the labor shortage and has increased material costs.


  1. Did you notice any shifting trends in the industry?

Decks are a larger demographic at the show. We noticed many new lighting technologies for decks such as lighting built directly into railings and stairs. There’s always been a vast amount of technology regarding composite decks; however, we’re noticing more and more new railing technologies evolving.


  1. Did Chief Architect host any events in Nashville?

Chief Architect Software at the Remodeling Show, DeckExpo and JLC Live in Nashville.


Yes, we were privileged to host our Introductory, Intermediate, and Kitchen/Bath/Interiors 2-day training classes. The training attendees were a great group of people. There was a lot of learning that went on and our customers gained valuable tools to help them be more successful in their business.



Johny Cash Museum in downtown Nashville



In addition to the training, we hosted an evening reception and networking event at a Restaurant in downtown Nashville.

Downtown Nashville is vibrant. It’s the music capital of the United States. Every aspiring musician, writer, producer, is down there demonstrating their talents just off of Broadway. It was very exciting to be right in the midst of it all. It also allowed for the opportunity to connect with Chief Architect customers in the area as well as to meet other people that were interested in Chief Architect.




A big thank you to Scott for sharing this with us! It’s always great to get to attend these shows and touch base with our customers. Seeing the new technologies in the industry help to ensure we’re staying on top of the latest trends to help our customers be as successful as possible. Next, we’ll be headed to Orlando for the International Builder’s Show, January 9th-11th. We hope to see you there!

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Steve McCloskey places 2nd with his Clerestory Home Design

This house was designed from the ground up using Chief Architect X9. Our customer was looking for a modern style home with a lot of windows and open space. They wanted to take advantage of the sloped site and the mountainous views around them.

By Kendra Dorosh

Steve McCloskey placed 2nd in the Chief Architect Residential Design Contest. His dedication to the business shows through in the realistic detail of his designs.

“I am from Altoona, PA. Our company, McCloskey Builders, is currently celebrating 30 years in business.  We specialize in custom homes and also commercial construction.  About 10 years ago we started to incorporate a design process into our way of doing business.

“I have been using Chief Architect for about 7 years.  Prior to Chief Architect, we were using a very basic (store bought) design software.  We found that our needs outgrew the basic design program. We were looking to incorporate more “life-like” images into our designs.  We were looking for a program that could use real products and material in order to give our customer a realistic design. Through research, we found Chief Architect.

“Our company over the past 10 years has transitioned into mostly a design-build construction company.   Chief Architect has been an asset in that transition and we use the program on both our residential and commercial projects.”


Connect with Steve

McCloskey Builders
419 North 2nd Street
Altoona PA 16601
(814) 941-2278


Winning Design

More from this plan:


Other designs from McCloskey Builders:



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