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Megan Bowler Wins 3rd with Her Kitchen Remodel Project

Megan placed 3rd  in June’s Remodel-Addition Design Contest! She discovered Chief Architect a few years ago when she was looking for a program to use to remodel her own kitchen.

“I’m a software developer from Utah who loves to design and create in my spare time (which isn’t plentiful with a full-time job and a toddler).  I have loved doodling since I was little and remember using my dad’s engineering paper to draw up designs as to how I’d remodel my parents’ home and yard when I was young.  I love browsing floor plans and touring homes and imagining my ultimate dream home.  I’m certainly not an expert, but love to play around with ideas and try to think outside of the box.  (And would probably be happy doing something along these lines as a job if the opportunity ever came up.)

“My husband and I got Chief Architect’s Home Designer Architectural several years ago to help with designing a kitchen remodel project. He had used it in the past and I didn’t really know anything about it or any other software, so we went with it.  It turned out to be a great purchase.  I wasn’t very experienced with the software, but it was super fun to play around with.  I feel like I was able to come up with a great new layout which we implemented and ended up loving.  It was a huge improvement to our home and we loved the ooh’s and aah’s from people visiting our home and seeing the big change.

“Currently, we have a home we purchased as a fixer upper and I’ve been playing around with different floor plans for it using Chief Architect.  We are still not sure what we’ll end up doing, but it is certainly fun to work on it in the meantime.  We can’t wait for the finished product.”


Here are more pictures of Megan’s remodeling project!


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Contest Winners, Remodel-Addition, Student

Havier Kiesow Wins 1st with His Remodeled Home Design


Havier is a 15-year-old student from Sheboygan, Wisconsin and placed 1st in our Remodel-Addition Design Contest! It’s an honor to be a part of bringing his passion to life.

“My parents bought my first Chief Architect Home Designer Suite software for Christmas in 2013.  I started learning how to use the software and my first designs were pretty simple.  I’ve since designed countless homes and buildings.  The Chief Architect software began my passion for exterior and interior home design and I always look forward to software updates.  I am planning to go to college and obtain a degree in architecture and design.”



Here are more of his designs:

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Featured Student – Corey Small

Floor plan laying out the first floor footprint of stable with living area.

Corey won gold at Kansas SkillsUSA! His passion for architecture began at an early age and has developed through college and now into a full-time career.

“My dad is a land surveyor and I was always interested in architecture. In fact, when I was young my mother would take me to the library and instead of checking out normal young adult/children’s books I would get a few copies of Architectural Digest and look at all the house designs. My interest was always there, it just took me a bit after high school to get settled and figure out what I was going to do. I graduated from Augusta, Kansas in 2009 and just recently decided to go back to school. I started attending Wichita Area Technical College in fall of 2016, having had all my general education taken care of I didn’t have much to take. That’s where I was introduced to Chief Architect. I loved using it right from the get go. I would put off my assignments because I would get too enveloped in my own ideas, just experimenting with the program. One of the first things I tried was to recreate the clue board mansion into a real world building through Chief Architect. I had heard a lot about the Skills competition through the school but had no intentions of signing up. I was determined to get through school and get a job and wasn’t looking for too many extracurricular activities.

The competition was to take an old barn, with existing dimensions and turn it into a livable space for a ranch home.

“My instructor talked me into doing it and I figured why not, it would be a fun real world test of my knowledge thus far. The competition was to take an old barn, with existing dimensions and turn it into a livable space for a ranch home. I soared through it at a pretty good pace, I felt good with my attempt but with the time constraints of the competition I wasn’t expecting much as I really had to skip out on a few details to get done in time.

“The next day we went to the awards ceremony and I was honestly hoping just to medal but instead ending up taking the gold. It was a relief and really gave me confidence in my skills going into the job market. Not long after, I interviewed for a company here in Wichita, MKEC. I ended up accepting a position in their structural department. This is where my dad works. Going into school, MKEC was the company I wanted to work for, so it’s been a pretty monumental achievement for me. I am currently a drafter and I plan on continuing my education at WATC/WSU in order to get my bachelor’s in engineering technology.

“Winning the national championship was probably even more monumental to me than landing my dream job.”

Here is his winning design. Join us in congratulating Corey for his success!

Floor plan laying out the first floor footprint of stable with living area.

1st Floorplan


Floor plan laying out the first floor footprint of stable with living area.

2nd Floorplan


Front elevation of a barn with living quarters on the second floor.

Front Elevation


Side elevation of a barn with living quarters on the second floor.

Side Elevation


Door, window and cabinet schedules for final construction documentation.


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Rene Rabbitt wins with Master Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design with walk in shower, built-in tub and spa feel.

Rene of Daoust Design and Construction placed 3rd in May’s Kitchen/Bath and Interior Design Contest. He has been using Chief Architect for almost 10 years and focuses on the 3D tools to beat out the competition.

“I grew up in Oakland California and went into building custom homes in the Bay Area right out of high school. I have been a builder for over 17 years in residential remodeling, which is what inspired me to start designing. Ten years ago I was fortunate to have the opportunity to do some freelance design for an architecture firm that was using Chief Architect X3. I fell in love with the software and its ability to create realistic visual depictions of the kitchens and baths I would then get to build. I am currently a licensed General Contractor (inactive) working for Daoust Design and Construction as Lead Design/Production Manager. Continue reading…

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