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Nathan Ensminger is the 2018 Remodel/Addition Design of the Year Contest Winner

Nathan's 2018 Remodel/Addition Design of the Year Contest Entry.

By Jake Murray

Congratulations to Nathan placed 2nd in the Chief Architect Remodel/Addition Design Contest in September and won the Remodel/Addition Design of the Year Contest in December with his backyard getaway.

Nathan and his family at the beach

“My name is Nathan Ensminger from Wichita Kansas. Back as far as I can remember I watched and mimicked my father as he designed interiors for Lear jet.

“I am a Designer at Heartland Home Improvements, Inc. I started working with Chief Architect about 5 years ago. Chief Architect Premier has been a great tool for me. It allows me to give realistic visuals that help me communicate with my customers, carpenters and trade partners.”

Winning Design

Thank you, Nathan, for sharing your designs and for choosing Chief Architect! You can view more of Nathan’s work in the design gallery below.

Design Gallery