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June’s Remodel/Addition Design Contest Winners

Chief Architect remodel, addition design contest.

Congratulations to our three Chief Architect Design Contest – Remodel/Addition winners!

Thank you all for sharing your designs with us and our community.


1st Place

Aaron Swearengin with Oak River Design Group using Chief Architect X10 Premier.


2nd Place

Glenn Travis of GMT Home Designs, Inc. using Chief Architect X10 Premier.


3rd Place

Chace Groves using Home Designer Architectural 2018.


July’s Design Contest is Residential Design. Submit your design!

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Design Contest, Featured Customers, Professional, Remodel-Addition

Robin McCarthy and Heather Brewer win 2nd place with their crafstman-style design

This large remodel and major addition was designed around an active lifestyle of a family of five who have outgrown their current home. The style of the home is primarily a mix of farmhouse and craftsman elements. The timber beams, shingles, and stone accents highlight the craftsman style, while the board and batten farmhouse style windows bring out the farmhouse style.

By Kendra Dorosh

Architect Robin McCarthy and Junior Designer Heather Brewer placed 2nd in the Chief Architect Residential Design Contest. See how their projects have come to life with Robin’s passion for design and Heather’s skill with 3D Modeling.

Robin McCarthy (Left) and Heather Brewer (Right)

“My name is Robin McCarthy, my company, Arch Studio, Inc., was founded in 2004 and we are a California Licensed Architecture firm located in San Jose, Ca.  Our projects include custom residential remodels, additions, and new construction throughout the Bay Area.  We have also completed many commercial projects, such as restaurants, salons, and fitness facilities.  We have a passion for design at our company and look forward to each and every project.

“I am the CEO and Founder of Arch Studio, Inc.  I am a licensed Architect in California and began my passion for design in college at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California. Heather Brewer, one of our architectural designers, and 3D Modeler did all of the 3D Modeling for the project submission.  She graduated from John Brown University in Arkansas with a degree in Construction Management.  She, too, has a passion for design and architecture.  She joined my firm 2 years ago and has been working in Chief Architect ever since.  She learned it basically from scratch with the help of the online training videos.  We now use Chief Architect for basically every project.

“I have been an architect for about 25 years, and for 20 of those years primarily used 2D software for design and drafting.  About 6 years ago, I decided that I wanted to find software that would better-assist my clients with visualization of our designs, and also find a product that eased with the mass amount of work involved with the preparation of construction documents.  A colleague had mentioned Chief Architect and I immediately signed up for the free trial.  I discovered during the trial period that the software was user-friendly.  In addition, I found that I could start working immediately, and take any of my 2D digital floor plans and start snapping wall lines.

“Fast forward, I have been a Chief Architect customer for about 5 years, and what influenced my decision to purchase the software was the quality of the product and the superior graphics.  I also was impressed that the product was designed for people in the design industry.  I spent about 6 months researching various 3D software packages and ultimately found that there was no other product out there that matched my checklist for ease of use, quality, and price.”

Winning Design

More from Robin and Heather

Connect with Robin and Heather

Arch Studio, Inc.
1155 Meridian Avenue, Suite 207
San Jose, CA 95125
Office : (408) 662-6305



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Design Contest, Featured Customers, Professional, Remodel-Addition

Joslyn Brungardt and Caci Pommerehn win 1st place with their 1960’s ranch remodel

With a centralized atrium, this ranch home offers nearly 4000 square feet of main floor living.

By Kendra Dorosh

Joslyn Brungardt and Caci Pommerehn win 1st place in the Chief Architect Remodel/Addition Design Contest. Their individual talents complement each other in creating unique spaces, such as this beautiful remodel.

“Chief Architect has given us the ability to give our clients confidence in their project before construction has even begun.”- Caci Pommerehn (Left) and Joslyn Brungardt (Right)

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Design Contest, Featured Customers, Interior Design, Kitchen Design, Professional, Remodel-Addition

Alexandra DuBois places 2nd with her mid-century remodel

This kitchen remodel combines the kitchen, dining room, and family room to create one giant space for relaxing and entertaining. The home was built in the mid-century style, and the clients wanted to incorporate this into their new design.

By Kendra Dorosh

Alexandra DuBois places 2nd in the Chief Architect Remodel/Addition Design Contest. Her experience with color, tile patterns, and materials is evident in her custom design.

“I am originally from Des Moines, Iowa and moved to San Diego to attend design school ten years ago. I have been around design and remodeling my whole life with my family, my dad always being one to complete all of his own remodeling projects and having my sister and I help all along the way. I graduated from the Art Institute of California – San Diego with a Bachelor’s of Science in Interior Design.  My first few jobs in the industry were a color specialist at a paint store, furniture sales, and tile design before I settled at Lars Remodeling and Design. Continue reading…

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Design Contest, Featured Customers, Professional, Remodel-Addition

Leila Laskujarvi places 3rd with her basement remodel design

This Airbnb is located in a basement that used to be very small and dark in a residential home that had previously been a rooming house (5 kitchens, anyone). The home is located in a trendy part of Toronto, close to several large film studios, upscale restaurants and boutiques. I had to plan a layout for an awkward space since there was a support pillar in the middle of the main area, as well as one in the bathroom and several levels of bulkheads. The homeowners wanted this to be a relatively affordable renovation since they plan to renovate the entire house a few years down the road. I had to make space for a welcoming entry area with storage, revamp the kitchenette (to which I added a 2 seater bar), create a dining area that was separate from the main living area and create a space for a double bed that wasn't the first thing you saw when you entered the space. The bathroom was revamped a little as well, with a new shower, flooring, toilet and vanity.

By Kendra Dorosh

Leila Laskujarvi places 3rd in the Chief Architect Remodel/Addition Design Contest. Her creative and caring personality translated directly into her beautiful and authentic design for her clients.

“I’m Leila Laskujarvi, a designer, artist, amateur photographer and all around crafty girl! I currently live in Toronto, Canada with my husband Mike. I first moved here to go to art school at the Ontario College of Art (now OCAD University), where I studied commercial design (advertising/graphic design). I then freelanced at some ad agencies in Toronto and got a job as a junior art director in Helsinki, Finland. Eventually, I came back to Canada and started working in graphic design, working for The Financial Post newspaper and Rogers Publishing (at Canadian Business, MoneySense and PROFIT magazines), both in the Creative Services department. I really enjoyed the creativity and teamwork and I actually met a lot of my friends at work.

“When it first came on television, I got totally hooked on watching HGTV shows about interior design. Then the idea struck me, I could learn to do it myself. We had recently bought a house, that needed work (the bathroom was totally scary) and I was feeling like I needed a change in my career, so I decided to go back to school for 4 (very long) years. I didn’t quite know what I was getting into, but I have no regrets. I got my Bachelor of Interior Design degree from Ryerson University, a top-rated school here in Canada. I’ve been working independently for several years doing mainly residential design and occasionally collaborating on projects with an architect friend of mine. I’m thinking of branching out into hospitality design since I’d love to design a restaurant! But, first, I’ll have to take a crack at the building code books. Continue reading…

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